Three Days, Three Ways

How to spend an unexpected “free” day
Susan Bryant, mom of 2
Once in a great while, that rare day appears when you have no obligations (or you just really need a day off from your obligations!) How would you make the most of this fleeting opportunity? In our area, you could easily fill the hours with lots of fun things to do close to home....more»

Online Academics

Easy access to classes, tutoring and test prep
Steffy McCourt and Susan Bryant
Today’s students are as likely to learn through virtual instruction as being in a conventional brick and mortar classroom....more»

The Winter Blues

What’s behind this seasonal slump?
Dr. Emma Hostetter, MD, MPH
As we head into fall, grey clouds are already looming and daylight hours are getting progressively shorter, signifying that winter is just around the corner....more»

Christmas message comes alive in original dance

Indianapolis, IN — Inspired by Charles Tazewell’s story, the Academy of Dance Arts is proud

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